Lesbian Twin Flame Journey to Healing -I No Longer Want to Have Beliefs


I start today off just like any other day when my Twin Flame and i were separated. I went running this morning and was so thankful it wasn’t as cold as i thought it would be. I check my email accounts and get everything caught up at work to get ready for the day. On Mondays i usually run across Cassady Cain’s weekly forecast and i see what kind of message she’s communicating about the Twin Flame journey and how it relates to me or how i can apply it to our journey. Venus is in retrograde and is indicative of the full circle my Twin Flame and i are having, this is our two-year anniversary. We started a relationship around two years ago this time, the last time that Venus was retrograde in Aries (the “Warrior” sign and masculine archetype). My Twin Flame is the “masculine” counterpart of our duality and she is also an Aries which only adds to the potency and intensity of what we are experiencing astrologically. This is a time of transformation and purging of all our old baggage and programming that is blocking us from pure, unconditional love and the most magical parts of the Twin Flame journey. For the feminine counterparts, we are going through a reconnection to our Goddess energy and Divine-ness and embrace our mission as light warriors and feminine Twin Flame counterparts. It’s Spring, a time for rebirth, renewal and reconnection!! We must embrace our inner Goddess and claim our inner power! We must always be questioning our thinking and calling out all the bullshit! We are unraveling all the stories that were weaved into our minds about our identity and deprogramming all the lies and untruths that we were told to believe from family, friends, religion, clubs, school, etc. I have gone through a lot of personal understanding about beliefs lately. “Beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking” as Abraham would say and they are completely human constructs. I no longer want to have beliefs! I want to be in alignment, where there is only pure potential and no beliefs to hold us down, hold us back or limit our thinking with illusions such as “beliefs”.


Figuring out everything we can about energy and our own alignment is key to understanding what the hell is going on here! The moon is in the first quarter of the water sign Cancer today. It’s a great day to try to remove toxins from your body and eliminate toxic thinking patterns in your mind all the time, but especially so right now. Listen to chakra cleansing meditations, google anything that comes to mind or get lost in YouTube world until you find a video or someone who just clicks. Go with the flow of the moon energy and pay attention to hormones and subtle energy changes within your own body. Notice when your more emotional, when you tend to shut down, when you have more energy and vitality, when you want to sleep all the time and when you can’t sleep, when your sexual drive is higher, when your sex drive is lower and what season you are more apt to isolate and when you just can’t stay home. In the winter my sex drive gets higher and my Twin Flame’s is almost non-existent. She likes to shut down and isolate when she is in a funk and i want to be with her in my spot and communicate till I can’t communicate no more when i’m in a funk. We are almost exact opposite on the scales of some things intellectually, emotionally and spiritually…while most things are in perfect synchronicity. We balance each other out and i love that about us, so it’s worth trying to figure out all the quirks and work out all the kinks. She remembers song titles and lyrics like a savant and i can’t even remember ones i sang in karaoke the same day. She reminds of me of little details that i easily forget because i’m too busy dreaming and thinking about great big stuff. She knows things about mechanics and technology and i know stuff about pretty much anything other than that stuff. She is calm and even tempered and i’m excitable and spontaneous. She is the parent the kids want when they get hurt or need to talk about something…i’m the one that disciplines and takes care of the details and logistics. She worries what others will think and i don’t care almost to a fault at times, she’s organized and i’m a mess, i can cook and her…not so much. But she tries and the kids love her spaghetti and tuna casserole more than mine! It’s a lot of ebb and flow and it’s all about trying to find that balance. However, we both love for some things to stay the same and are super sentimental about stuff. We have an appreciation and need for stability and consistency in our lives and we give that to each other. We know each other more than any other partner has ever known us, i trust her more than i have anyone else and that goes hand in hand with the whole stability and consistency thing.


Whatever part of the journey you are on with your Twin Flame, you will have to learn how to work with your own energy and thoughts to get in a place of alignment before anything productive can be accomplished. To attract your Twin Flame back into your vortex, you have to work on yourself and let them go or any ideas, beliefs and thoughts that are not in alignment with your desires. True reunion phase happens when you are at a point of clearing out all the old baggage of outworn and harmful or unproductive beliefs, old programming, old relationships, relationship ties to ex’s, inappropriate intimacy with others and anything that can harm your relationship with the most important person in your life. When both of you are ready to let go of the blocks, harmful patterns and have dealt with all the old wounds that have festered and come up to be released…then you are ready to get ready! We are at the point that we are ready to get ready! My Twin Flame and i are working things out, but there is a lot that still needs to be communicated. The most important thing is that we have each other and the kids have their parents and we know we are Twin Flames and we know we love each other in a way we can’t be loved by another human in this lifetime. Our family is absolutely worth fighting for and i would sacrifice my life for any of them if i had to!! My family means everything to me and my Twin Flame is my other half of my soul and my inner being feels it when she is absent. I don’t need her to be happy, but having her in my life sure helps! No one makes me feel the way she makes me feel. Being in her presence fills my soul and my heart up with feel goods and the way she makes my body feel and react is indescribable and pure ecstasy! We have had our share of relationship problems, but one thing we have never had is a unhealthy relationship. Aside from my co-dependence and bitchy emotional reactions and her being an insensitive asshole and ignoring me or avoiding me, we have not really intentionally hurt each other or abused each other. We never even really had a fight…not like the ones i think of when i think of “fight”. We have never even raised our voices at each other out of anger and screamed at each other ever in a fit of rage. If there is verbal or physical abuse in your relationship, you need to be really honest with yourself and you have to know in your heart that a true Twin Flame would never physically hurt you….ever!


About Constantly Changing Kim

Mother, daughter, sister, lesbian, lover, consumer, student, naturalist, environmentalist, Feminist, artist, poet, writer and aspiring activist. Writing is a craft and it's always a continual process trying to hone my skills. This blog is helping me to express myself and be more me. I dedicate this to my kids, the love of my life, my heart and my Twin Flame.

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